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Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

 Upazila Parishad

Matlab North, Chandpur


Maltob North Upazila Parishad's 29th general meeting proceedings


President: Manzoor Ahmed

                         Upazila Parishad

                         Matlab North, Chandpur

Date: 28/09/2013 AD

Time: 11-00 hours in the morning.

Meeting place: Upazila Parishad meeting room.


Subscribers present in the meeting Annexure-A, absentee members appendix -II.


At the beginning of the meeting, the President welcomed the attendees and started the meeting. The meeting was read and read in the meeting of the previous meeting. Unless of any change or modification of the previous meetings, the consensus is adopted and strengthened. Hence, discussions and judgments are taken as follows.


0. Upazila Agriculture Department: Upazila Agriculture Officer in the meeting told that this year the production of Aman rice was good. But there was a scorching heat. He said the price of vegetables for the rain is high. There is no shortage of fertilizer.


Sub-assistant agricultural officer will provide necessary advice on this matter.


03. Upazila Health Department: Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer informed that the rate of child mortality has decreased greatly through the union and ward programs. To increase our average life expectancy needs to be prevented. High pressure, heart, junkies advised to prevent the use of raw salt and tobacco products to prevent all these diseases. She offers suggestions for eating more than vegetables and for regular walks. He also informed that wormwood will be observed week and worm killers advise to eat tablets.


Upazila health and family planning officer will take necessary measures for the same.


04. Upazila Livestock Department: There is no discussion in the office regarding the vaccine livestock officer's presence in the meeting.


05. Upazila Engineering Department: Upazila Engineer's meeting said in the meeting that the project was not received for the purpose of planning for the fifth year but the project was not accepted. Request all the UP chairman to take the project. No irregularities should be undertaken in the work of LGSP / ADP projects and advised to do the job properly. In the discussion with the upazila engineer on leave, 10 unions in each union Project advised to take all the UP chairman.

All the UP chairmen will take necessary measures.


06. Upazila Fisheries Department informed the Fazilka Fisheries Officer that his office activities are going on smoothly.


07. Relief and Rehabilitation Division: Upazila project implementation officer told the meeting that 31.55 Mt of rice was allocated for Puja Mandap and all the DOs were provided. We have to appoint skilled workers in poor employment. Ward-based divisions need to be prepared by listing. There will be one-third of women and two-thirds of the poor.


In this regard, Upazila Project implementation officer and all the UP chairmen will take necessary measures.


08. Upazila Family Planning Department: Upazila Family Planning Officer in the meeting told that on August 11, the total capable couple was 86,684 in the month of August, 64,615 people of the sexes and the rate of the CAA was 74.38%. Permanent methods were stopped due to fasting in the month of August / 11. In August / 11 months, 12 women have been recruited to 65 people, injection has been distributed to 3,369 dosages.

Decision: Upazila family planning officer will take necessary measures in this regard.


09. Upazila Rural Development Department: Upazila Rural Development Officer said in a meeting that the activities of a house a farm project are normal.

10. Upazila Primary Education Division: Upazila Education Officer said in the meeting that for the year 2012 the first and second class textbooks were found according to the needs. The textbooks of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will be available soon. Primary education closing and ebayadayee closing examination will be held / 18 centers in 11 upazilas. Number of primary education closing / 11 candidates, 9,039 students, and ebtedayi education closing / 11 candidates for examinations of 1,198 Primary and Ibtadayi Education Termination Examination 11 will start on 23/11/2011 and will end on 30/11/2011. All the arrangements for the examinations require the cooperation of everyone. Other activities of the office are running normally.


Decision: Upazila education officer will take necessary action in this regard.


11. Upazila Social Services Department: Upazila Social Welfare Officer told the meeting that all the allowances and allowances of freedom fighters have been initiated to pay the allowance through bank account.

After this, the Upazila Social Welfare Officer will contact the bank authorities and take necessary steps.


12. Upazila Cooperative Division: Upazila Cooperative Officer told the meeting that his office activities are going on smoothly.

13. Upazila youth development director: Upazila youth development officer told the meeting that training and credit distribution is going on normally. There is no problem with his office.

14. Upazila Women Affairs Office: Upazila Women Affairs Officer informed that rice was given at 30 Kg each in each union. He requested the old office repair, including allocation of office rooms.

15. Upazila statistics department: Because the Deputy District Officer was not present in the meeting, there was no discussion regarding his office.


16. Upazila Food Controller: Report to the Upazila Food Regulatory Board